I’m a passionate, enthusiastic and result driven personal trainer, nutrition coach, and group fitness instructor.
My unique and hands on fitness approach is tailored individually using a combination of various training methods, nutrition counselling and physical wellness.
Incorporating a total mind body and soul balance. I believe in a Personal Approach that is supported by Personal Strength and Individual Circumstances.
With a passion for designing individualized/group fitness exercises and nutrition programs that maximize results, promote fitness, improve overall health performance and strategically set to achieve individualized fitness goals.
Coach a mindful approach to fitness by setting goals and being consistent on the proper steps for achievement.
Gym/Fitness Activity:
I love lifting weights. I think, as a woman, feeling strong is the best.
Healthy snack:
I don’t snack! I eat meals!
Cool Down Activity:
I love yoga and meditation. I love being able to feel the connection between the mind and the body. Emotional fitness and emotional health are connected to physical health and fitness.
Fitness Motto:
“Believe in yourself and trust it to get you there.”
Proudest Moment as an Instructor:

When I come into class and see people coming back and feeling and looking better. Even just the look on their face, you can see how much of a difference it makes to start exercising. That makes me want to jump for joy. I see it almost every day.



Baltimore 2015 Fitness Heroes

Baltimore Best 2004 Personal Trainer




“Contact me to find your I am”