Personalized Nutrition and Fitness Program for Success

Are you in need of a change in your health and fitness routine?


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Try a customized program that focuses on your current schedule with a structured approach to help you reach your goals.


Having a Support system is required to achieve success. Having a coach that has been through the same experiences, can guide you through obstacles while providing accountability and helping you stay focused on your goals is #1 key to results. Failure is not an option when you have a dedicated support system that allows you to build self confidence and create a strong sense of self.


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Customized fitness and nutrition program Includes:

Consultation and Goal setting

Custom Fitness and Nutrition Program

(2)-30 min remote live coaching sessions

Unlimited support via email and text

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Teen Fitness for Lifelong Health is a Lifestyle

Fitness and ‪‎Nutrition habits a teenager develops during adolescence are likely to last a lifetime. Benefits range from weight control and positive body image, building and maintaining stronger muscles, bones and joints, promoting a positive psychological well-being along with an improvement in academic performance.




Did you know that weekly strength training sessions will decrease the risk for sport-related injuries along with improving a child’s attitude towards lifetime physical activity.




If you want your teenager to develop and maintain healthy habits, be a good role model by continuing to model an active lifestyle and lead by example.

Do you need help with getting you and your teen on the right track to lifelong health? Contact me for details



Benefits of TRX Suspension Training

Anyone regardless of Fitness Level can benefit from the use of TRX Suspension due to its versatility. With the sedentary lifestyles and desk jobs that most people have, standing to exercise and getting off you cupcake will help with muscle development, circulation and cardiovascular health.


Reach any fitness goal faster with the routine use of TRX Training. Due to the use of your own body weight you can improve sports performance, lose weight, gain strength, and a great way to rehab an injury.




Use of TRX engages your core and helps you stabilize your posterior chain along with your entire body. Gain Flexibility through the endless stretching and movements of various ranges and angles.


Strengthening your Mind Body Connection is the most powerful tool to achieving and sustaining your fitness goals.
For more on how you can have fun, and push yourself past your limits,
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8-week Fitness and Wellness Journey

Discover the NEW YOU!

Take the first steps and start TODAY to a healthier, stronger and happier you. This 8-week fitness program focuses not only on fitness but education, goal setting, exciting challenges and a never-ending support system.



Nutrition and habit formation is key to any successful fitness program and with nutrition coaching you will be able to create your own meal plans to reach your goals. Once you commit and have a support group that can keep you accountable you are bound to get healthy, fit, strong and not only reach your goals but surpass them.

Habit formation is a powerful tool when it comes to weight loss, pairing it alongside scientific based nutrition will lead not only to the best version of you but a lifetime of success. Our core belief is when you learn and enjoying a healthy energetic lifestyle it can be practiced and achieved for a lifetime.


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Are you ready to commit to a new you?


What you get:

⇒One-on-One Personal Training Session(s)

⇒Personalized Nutrition Coaching

⇒Unlimited Support with a Coach

⇒Unlimited weekly access for Q&A

⇒Lifetime of Knowledge


Registration is now open, contact me for details

What inspires you?

Seeing my clients excel, push through barriers and reach their fitness goals is what inspires me.


If you do not have time to go to the gym, do not have exercise equipment and or just looking to boost your mid-day work break, try the below 10 minute circuit for an instant way to fire up your metabolism and burn calories. NO EXCUSES body weight workout fitness.




Choose the order of exercises and recommended timing based on fitness level

5 Exercises:

Body Weight Squats

Shadow Boxing


Push up

Mountain Climbers




Fitness Level Options:

1 min each exercise, repeat 2 times (beginners)

30 seconds each exercise repeat 3 times (intermediate)

25 reps each exercise with no breaks repeat circuit for a total of 10 min (advanced option).


What fitness accomplishment has inspired you ?

Discipline your mind for a strong and healthy body!

When you choose to spend $50+ for dinner and drinks on a weekly basis for temporary gratification and choose to put your own health last is the reason you are where you today. 




Choosing to put your $ into your health by exercising and changing your eating habits vs. instant gratification will determine your outcomes and long term success. 


We are where we are today because of the CHOICES we made yesterday. These are habits that get ingrained in us and build over days weeks and years. Ask yourself a hard and honest question, do my choices serve me? 


Want to learn how “instant gratification” can become “delayed gratification”?


Contact me for fitness and nutrition coaching.



Wait no more, TODAY is the day to START your fitness journey!

Is there a fitness goal you have been trying to achieve for a long time?

Wait no more, TODAY is the day to START! 



Begin with TODAY by setting your goals for the week and having a plan to follow through. One of my personal fundamental beliefs is that FITNESS is a JOURNEY and not a destination. Getting into a routine of being comfortable comes with stagnation and challenging yourself comes with growth. 

Ask yourself do you want to remain the same or grow with change?





Treat each workout as if you’re the boss and your workout is your client.
Don’t cancel your planned workouts, as YOU are in CHARGE and bosses do NOT cancel!


Getting fit and remaining fit requires a multi-step approach. It boils down to how much are you willing to change and do your goals match your willingness to change.

Variety of consistent training techniques combined with clear and concise approach to nutrition is the key to feeling Happy inside and looking the way you always wanted on the outside. Anytime, any age, anywhere!




Contact me for a personalized approach to fitness

Cycle Your Way to a Stronger and Healthier New You

When you come in for a cycling class know that you’re going to walk out of the room in less than an hour a lot STRONGER and HEALTHIER than you thought was possible.  Cycling is a great low impact and high intensity workout that anyone, at any age and fitness level can enjoy.

For the next 45 minutes, you have no meetings, no text messages, no one needing to be picked up. It’s just you, a bike and the rhythm of music to take you through a journey of contrasts.


Benefits of indoor cycling include cardiovascular health (lowers blood pressure and LDL), stress reliever aka “runner high”, increases muscle strength and endurance, low impact and a major calorie burn. 
Come join many of my cycling group fitness classes, were I will push you through your fitness plateau with a variety of HIIT (high intensity interval training), sprints, climbs, intervals, flats, and will bring sports proven training principles into an indoor group cycling environment. 





Come experience what all the hype is about! 

I’m sore! Does it mean I had a good workout?

As a personal trainer most of my clients ask me the same question, should feeling sore post workout be an indication of a good workout?


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As easy as it may be to associate post workout muscle soreness to a tough training session, this may not always be the case. Muscle soreness occurs as a result of small tears in the muscle fibers following a workout, as a result of overload either from a strenuous lifting session or a new movement pattern.


If you are always sore after your workouts, it could mean that you have never achieved a certain fitness level.


Any workout should have a purpose and after a while you should not be sore unless u made a change (increased intensity or possibly tried a different exercise). Constant muscle soreness can lead to overtraining and may result in injury, therefore, you should not attain a goal of being sore after every workout. 



Want to learn more on proper training techniques?

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5 Tips to Get Back on Your Fitness Track After a Weekend

Motivational Monday’s is in full swing for helping you get back on track and continue to inspire healthy  life choices. This week we will start with the most sought after question and that is how to get back on track and sustain your exercise and weight loss program after a weekend that was filled with burgers, pizza, beer, cookies and anything else that you could get your hands on. 

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1. Make a date with yourself 
Make a weekly commitment in your calendar along with setting up a specific date and time for the week when you will train and the type of exercise program you will do. Having a plan insures you will follow through and be able to stick to your exercise goals.

2. Set a weekly fitness goal
Setting a goal for yourself such as loosing 1-2 lbs for the week, trying out a new piece of exercise equipment (ask a professional trainer on how to use any new exercise equipment to prevent injury) or going for a walk during your lunch break, will keep you focused and allow you to strive and ultimately achieve your goals.

3. Don’t go solo
Many studies have proven time and time again that exercising with a friend, group, or personal trainer will help you stay focused and motivate you on those not so good days.

4. Make yourself Accountable
Sharing your fitness accomplishments and goals with friends and family or utilizing social media is a great way to help you stay on track and in control of your progress.

5. Re-evaluate your weekly plan
What better way to stay on track then to reassess your plan and progress. If you didn’t see results seek to get advice from a friend or personal trainer that you have seen to have the knowledge and background of success.

Staying consistent is key to results and ultimately reaching your goals!


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