Getting fit and remaining fit requires a multi-step approach. It boils down to how much are you willing to change and do your goals match your willingness?




3 Terms that are misunderstood by many females:
Toning-Making your muscle tight
Shaping-Changing the shape of your muscle
Sculpting-Building muscle while loosing body fat

In order to achieve a “toned and sculped” physique it requires for you to challenge your muscles so they grow by weight training. The weights used should resemble more along the lines of the weight of the purse you cary than the cupcake that you eat.



The importance of combining strength, endurance, flexibility and mind-body disciplines on a weekly schedule is a key component to avoiding a fitness plateau. We as humans fall easily into a habit of doing the same routine and our bodies adjust to the comfort and ease over time.


person showing woman in blue sport bra carrying gray dumbbell


Research has shown that when your body performs the same exercises regularly, your muscles will do what they are supposed to do and that is adapt to the need, function, and demand. Your body’s adaptation causes a fitness plateau along with frustration on not being able to reach your fitness goals. By adding variety to your workouts and proper periodization you will keep yourself engaged and see the benefits in your healthy body.


Variety of consistent training techniques combined with clear and concise approach to nutrition is the key to feeling Happy inside and looking the way you always wanted on the outside.

Anytime, any age, anywhere!

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