Setting a goal, writing it down, and planning will determine between success and failure for any fitness plan you may have set for your self including weightless.



Using these 5 key goal setting components will help you plan your success and stay on track.

1. Be Specific
2. Is your Goal Measurable
3. Be Accountable in your daily plan
4. Realistic
5. Track for Success

We can use challenges to reach our goals as a means to unlock our strengths and refine the abilities that we are capable of.
Each time we challenge our selves, the strength we create increase our confidence until we begin to see most challenges as opportunities. This is part of personal growth and remember you always have a choice!
Staying on track during holidays, family and friend outings and work functions requires planning ahead. Taking the extra steps in advance in order to plan the temptations that you will be surrounded by and staying on track with your diet is vital for success.
6 Key Steps to Staying on Track with Your Diet

1. PLAN AHEAD by setting limits and preparing your mind for portion control and choices

2. EAT BREAKFAST and have a satisfying snack prior to the event to keep your hunger in check and minimize temptations

3. DRINK WATER to keep you feeling fuller

4. PRACTICE PORTION control and stop eating when you feel full

5. BRING A DISH that is healthy to insure you have something to eat of your choice

6. MOVE AROUND and do not sit at the table to keep you tempted to munch on food.

Gatherings are a time to socialize and enjoy the company of your family and friends!
If you need help with implementing the necessary changes to succeed, contact me for coaching.


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