1. Squatting is a Functional exercise that helps your body to perform real life activities. Promoting mobility and balance which translates into your body moving more efficiently.


2. Squats create an anabolic environment, promoting muscle building of the total body along with full body strength as you use your core to stabilize.


3. Prevent Injuries by strengthening weak stabilizer muscles, ligaments and connective tissues.

4. Excellent multi-purpose activity useful for shaping, toning and tightening your glutes, core, and legs.


5. Increase Athletic ability and performance. If you are an athlete no matter what discipline you are in (endurance, strength, yogi, dancer, etc)  squatting weekly will optimize your performance.


sports workout legday legs


Try adding squats throughout your week to build strength, increase health, energy, and improve overall performance.


If you need structure and an exercise program design to get you to the next level, contact me for a personalized approach.

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